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So you join the chamber of commerce and depending on the money you paid them depends on your membership levels, So let's compare.

The chamber is a membership driven organization and depending how much money you spend determines how much recognition you get, FTG does not charge a membership fee. The chamber does list your business in their website but it is not optimized to be found on the internet like ours is. The chamber does not have a Facebook Group that you can advertise for free either, you have to go through their advertising and depending on your level that will determine what you can do. We Do Not have Levels, Let's Keep It Simple! Free or an Enhanced Business Page also you may purchase banner space.

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce is a form of business networking or a meet up group made up of local business. They do have a staff, a location, networking events, packing stuffing and more.

Frisco Town Guide does not have a fixed location or a large staff, we work with volunteers (other businesses) to help with our Social Media Platforms and soon meet-up networking events, we focus more on keeping expenses down and providing more.

Prices May Change at anytime, Please verify.
The Chamber has 4 levels of membership Frisco Town Guide has 2 levels & more
1.Business Partner – $375 per year Standard Business Page - No Charge
2.Corporate Partner – $650 per year Enhanced Business Page(s) - $350 per year, go into 2 Directories for the same cost as one.
3.Executive Partner – $1,300 per year  
4.Chairman Partner – $2,750 per year  
They Have Facebook / No Free ads We Have Facebook and
  A Group Page to post free ads

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