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Let's Talk About Advertising On & Off The Internet

Let's start off with we do not build websites or do your social media, my goal here is to help you make good choices. We are a family of business directories and we will talk about them too. Please Read All About Us.

Today, there are so many offers and so many options to choose when it comes to promoting your business - from very expensive to very cheap, so what is the right or wrong choice?

You don't want to spend all your time posting on social media if you are trying to run a business, and you cannot afford to pay an advertising company to do all your advertising.

Everyone is emailing you, calling or texting you saying they have the best product and knowledge to take care of promoting your business. Sometimes it is best to hire a company to set you up and get you found on the internet. So, have some knowledge before you talk to someone.

What I have found is so many of these companies only focus on just a few things, that is because that's all they know, they went to school (maybe) and this is what they were taught. They have never actually been in business so they really do not know what it takes to promote and grow a business. It seems everyone now days is an expert.

Promoting is more than just having a website or Facebook, we are talking about your dream and growing into being a success. There is no one size fits all when it comes to promoting, branding or growing your business, we tried it all. So when someone wants to do your advertising or promotions, do they really want to Help You Grow or just do the things they know so they can make money? This is the biggy, because if they have never been or owned a business (esp. a start-up) then they really do not know what it takes. Most have just worked or still working for someone and they are doing or selling what they are told to.

We are here at anytime to consult or help you!

Please join our Facebook Group and let's talk as a group or PM me.  Frisco TX. Community Page

So let's talk about some of the basic things you need or should do.

Below we will talk about everything from websites, pay-per-click, Google Maps, Print (magazines, newspaper, coupons, etc.) Videos, Radio, TV. You see your main goal is to be in front of as many people as you can, because only a certain percent of folks are going to want to do business with you and your presentation means a lot. So how do you know what is best? Simply put you don't not even the pros., they can tell you what traditionally or commonly works but every business is really different but you can track it and then evaluate it. You see folks are creatures of habit too, they go to work the same exact way every day and come home the same way every day, they have their own daily routine they are comfortable with and you need to find out what is best for your business.

Coming Soon, we will be talking about each one of these, how to track and then key in on the best fit for you, doing a complete package not something that just benefits the advertiser.  Please Like Our Facebook Page Frisco Town Guide and then ask to join our group, there you may post ads, ask questions, post events, places to go, to eat, to drink or not, anything Frisco! (except politics, MLM) Please keep it local and professional.

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Frisco TX. Community Page

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